Interior Fitout Association Award Submissions 2023

At the forefront of the interior design and construction industry in Australia, the Interior Fitout Association’s awards program stands as the ultimate arbiter of excellence, honoring outstanding shopfitting projects that masterfully unite form and function. This prestigious recognition in the world of commercial interior design, fitout and construction, celebrate excellence in creating commercial spaces that seamlessly blend form and function. These awards showcase the fit out industry’s innovators, design visionaries, and construction professionals who transform blank canvases into breathtaking and functional commercial environments. From corporate office fit outs that inspire productivity to hospitality fitouts that enchant visitors, the Interior Fitout Awards shine a spotlight on the shopffiting designers, individuals and teams that redefine the way we experience commercial interiors.

Total Fitouts has nominated a number of our commercial shop fitting experts for these prestigious awards. Those in our network who push the boundaries of commercial interior design, and craftsmanship, setting new standards for commercial interior excellence.

Total Fitouts has submitted 17 outstanding commercial interior design and fitout projects, across all industries, into the 2024 awards. The awards were categorised into different fit out industries. The main two are Hospitality fitouts and Retail fit outs. Commercial fitouts covers everything else (Medical fitouts, Fitness fitouts, Wellness & Beauty fitouts, and Office fitouts).

Take a look at Total Fitouts Best of the Best commercial fitout projects.


Dymocks Heritage Retail Commercial fitout. Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

Brett Kelly and his accomplished team at Total Fitouts Adelaide Central achieved a remarkable feat with their completion of a commercial retail fitout project for Dymocks, an iconic bookstore located in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. This endeavour involved the transformation of the historic Regent Theatre, renowned as ‘Australia’s most luxurious theatre’ since its establishment in 1928, into a flagship Dymocks store that reverently honours its storied heritage.

Masterful Commercial Fit out Blend

The retail fitout project was a masterful blend of preserving the building’s original features, including its striking facade and intricate plaster and render detailing on elements like ceiling roses, friezes, and arches. The result is a stunning retail space that seamlessly marries the past and the present.

A Harmonious Fusion of Commercial Interior Design Elements

Total Fitouts Adelaide Central’s scope of work encompassed a range of elements, from a captivating heritage-themed entry to expansive custom book shelving, modern amenities, and inviting reading spaces. The success of this project can be attributed to the meticulous execution by Brett Kelly’s team in collaboration with Grieve Gillett Architects and external designers, ensuring a harmonious fusion of design and construction elements. This revitalised space now stands as a testament to Total Fitouts Adelaide Central’s commitment to preserving history while creating modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing retail environments.


Molly and Bear Retail Commercial Fitout. Completed by Steve and Ross Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North.

Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North delivered the Molly & Bear Retail Fitout project Westfield Mount Gravatt. The branded fit-out solution was testament to the team’s commitment to creating exceptional commercial fit out spaces. Tasked with transforming a bland retail shop in Westfield Mt Gravatt into a child-friendly haven for infants and young children’s clothing, books, toys, and accessories, Ross, Steve and the team delivered an outstanding result.

Capturing Childhood Essence Through Brand Storytelling

Our design approach focused on infusing the space with a calming yet playful ambience. A carefully selected sage and pink colour palette evokes the essence of childhood, creating an inviting and enchanting environment.

Optimised Shopfit Layout for Enhanced Customer Experience

Consideration of customer traffic flow was paramount in this retail fit-out. The team meticulously planned the layout to ensure easy navigation, allowing visitors to explore the range of products without feeling overwhelmed. Wooden plank flooring was strategically chosen for its durability in high-traffic areas.

Illuminating Whimsy Commercial Fitout

Lighting played a pivotal role, with LED strip lights, round feature lights, and neon brand signage enhancing the atmosphere. These elements complemented an oversized cartoon mural, contributing to the whimsical charm of the space.

The Molly & Bear Retail Fitout exemplifies our team’s dedication to delivering not just functional but enchanting commercial spaces.


Perfect Potion Indooroopilly Retail Commercial fitou. Completed by Steve and Ross Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North.

Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North delivered the Perfect Potions Big Brand Retail Fitout. A shopfitting project that is testament to their steadfast commitment to exceptional bespoke commercial interior design and precision fit out craftsmanship.

Exemplifying Uniqueness

This fitout project resonates with their unwavering dedication to uniqueness, with every element reflecting custom joinery and an unwavering focus on detail. The result is an atmosphere that exudes exclusivity.

Visually Appealing and Functional Commercial Fitout

The shopfitting project’s aesthetics are enhanced through the creation of custom rolled steel display frames, each meticulously powder-coated to ensure not only visual intrigue but also long-lasting durability. This emphasis on form and function underscores their dedication to practical yet captivating commercial interior design.

Interactive Commercial Customer Experience

Innovation shines through the seamless integration of a marketing screen within the entry stacker box. This addition redefines the customer interaction, elevating the retail experience to new heights.

Marrying Commercial Form and Function

The integration of custom structural steel beams within the timber veneer shopfront, specially designed to accommodate the door closer, showcases their ability to seamlessly combine aesthetics with functionality.

The Perfect Potions Big Brand Retail Fitout project underscores Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North’s commitment to pushing boundaries in design and craftsmanship. It’s a testament to their dedication to creating bespoke commercial fitout spaces


Masala Dee Why, Hospitality fitout. Completed by Peter Zafis Total Fitouts Surry Hills and Parramatta.

The eye-popping hospitality fitout, located in Dee Why, NSW, was creatively brought to life by Peter Zafis and the Total Fitouts Surry Hills team. 

Masala Kitchen Dee Why, one of Lucky Rajput and Ashveen Chhabra’s re-imagined eateries, challenges the whole concept and perception of Indian restaurants. The creative pair wanted to create another exciting and intoxicating hospitality fit out with a fresh take on traditional Indian dining, don’t forget the gin twist. 

Empty Commercial Tenancy to Memorable Dining Experience

The neon, arty Indian eatery and gin bar, famous for its comprehensive gin bar which is tailored to complement the menu, was previously a vacant tenancy. The owners, who also own multiple Masala Kitchens across Sydney, wanted to transform the blank canvas into an eye-popping colourful and memorable dining experience. 

Colourful Commercial Dining and Bar Experience

They desired a colourful dining and bar experience for their customers to relax, unwind and enjoy tasty Indian cuisine and complementary gins from around the world. Peter, Kellie and the Total Fitouts Surry Hills & Parramatta team expertly managed the complete construct and build project, delivering bespoke finishes, custom timber joinery and timber finishes.

TIPPLERS TAP | HOSPITALITY $250,000 – $500,000

Tipplers Tap Southbank Brisbane, Hospitality fitout. Completed by Steve & Ross Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North.

Under the leadership of Ross, Steve, Tipplers Tap hospitality fitout project transformed an empty commercial space into a multifunctional hospitality space where patrons feel connected and engaged.

A Unique Twist on Tradition

The shopfitting projects aim was to create a unique ‘Pour Your Own’ pub, nestled in South Bank Brisbane.

Comprehensive Commercial Fit Out Scope

The comercial fitout scope of work encompassed various key areas within the venue, including the open entry space, inviting dining and ordering areas, a large ‘Pour Your Own’ station, a dedicated ‘pub’ sporting bar space, a commercial kitchen, and amenities. The commercial interior design concept embraced black and wooden elements, accompanied by custom brickwork, creating a cozy and warm ambiance that seamlessly blends Australian pub aesthetics with elevated commercial interior design.

Versatile Commercial Fitout Interior Design Elements

The front section of the commercial hospitality fitout features large black pillars and floor-to-ceiling glass panels. These panels offer versatility, allowing for open spaces or segmented areas based on specific needs or weather conditions. One of the black pillars showcases a custom-made Tipplers Taps flag-like sign, ensuring the venue is easily identifiable to passersby.

Dedication to Turning Visions into Extraordinary Spaces

The Tipplers Taps Commercial Hospitality Fitout reflects Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North’s dedication to turning visions into extraordinary spaces. This project seamlessly combines commercial design and functionality to deliver a truly unique and inviting pub experience.


Thai Room, Hospitality fit out. Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

The Thai Room Hospitality Fitout is a truly exceptional endeavour, led by Brett Kelly and his talented team, the fitout project demonstrates the team’s unwavering commitment to redefining commercial hospitality spaces. They delivered a luxurious, moody, and enchanting dining experience in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD.

Elevating Culinary Excellence

The Thai Room project exemplifies Total Fitouts Adelaide Central’s dedication to reimagining spaces. Their mission was to transform an empty commercial tenancy into a culinary oasis, setting the stage for a Thai cuisine restaurant known for its traditional food with a modern twist.

A Symphony of Commercial Interior Design Elements

The scope of work was comprehensive, encompassing an enticing entry space, an inviting outdoor seating area, a spacious dining area, a fully functional kitchen, and essential amenities. The project’s interior design, expertly curated by Total Fitouts Adelaide Central’s in-house designers, is a symphony of dark green and burgundy red. This palette evokes the essence of a rich and warm garden while radiating elegance and a hint of mystery.

Crafting Intimate Elegance

The primary objective was to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere that seamlessly integrates the kitchen and wine room experience. The restaurant’s front section is adorned with a captivating dark green exterior featuring bespoke signage, instantly capturing the attention of passersby. Upon entering, guests are welcomed into an inviting waiting area adorned with a Venetian plastered arch feature, carried through to the bar. Custom signage and a gold accent table contribute to a warm and elegant ambiance, setting the perfect tone for a memorable dining experience.

The Thai Room Hospitality Fitout is a testament to Total Fitouts Adelaide Central’s vision and expertise. It exemplifies their commitment to redefining culinary spaces and delivering unique, enchanting, and unforgettable dining experiences. This project stands as a remarkable showcase of their talent and dedication to hospitality fitouts.


Hospitality fitout French Hot Bread. Completed by Warren Thorpe Total Fitouts Wide Bay.

This exceptional hospitality shopfitting project exemplifies the unparalleled commitment, expertise, and excellence demonstrated by Warren Thorpe and his skilled team.

Championing Hospitality Fit out Excellence

Warren Thorpe and the Total Fitouts Wide Bay team undertook the complete transformation of French Hot Bread, a beloved bakery and cafe in Maryborough. Their exemplary project showcases the epitome of hospitality commercial fitouts, fusing both aesthetics and functionality.

Operational Efficiency and Client-Centric Approach

What sets this project apart is the remarkable five-week timeline in which it was executed, all while the bakery continued to serve its loyal patrons. The Total Fitouts Wide Bay team, under Warren’s leadership, displayed exceptional fitout skills, project management and client-centric focus. The owners of French Hot Bread, possessing a clear design vision and unwavering sense of style, were met with enthusiasm and proficiency.

Turning Commercial Fitout Vision into Reality

The original bakery space, once dark and deep purple, underwent a stunning metamorphosis, emerging as a space characterised by light, brightness, and an inviting atmosphere. The fitout featured white, wooden panels, wainscotting, and contrasting accents, culminating in a provincial style that harmonized perfectly with the owners’ vision.

Crafting Bespoke Excellence

Bespoke workbenches, skilfully hand-installed, along with ample seating, were thoughtfully integrated into the space. This ensures that customers have an abundance of space to relax and savour their baked goods and quality coffee. The front of the house boasts a delightful array of features, including display cabinets, built-in benches, upholstered seating, and bespoke signage.


Oakberry Coolum Hospitality Fitout. Completed by Mark Nashaty Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast North.

This impressive shop fitout, Oakberry Coolum, undertaking embodies the spirit of fit-out transformation and innovative design, breathing life into the Australian flagship brand’s Coolum store.

A Commercial Fitout Vision Realised

Owners of the Coolum branch entrusted Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast North with the formidable task of metamorphosing a Domino’s Pizza store into a modern, beachy, and industrial hospitality haven. The project’s significance extended beyond the local realm; it set the standard for replication across the country.

Ingenious Commercial Interior Design Elements

Mark, the visionary behind the project, was entrusted with crafting an inviting, youthful, and eye-catching commercial fit out. A key feature was the flooring—a high-traffic space demanded a solution that could withstand the test of time. Mark ingeniously poured an epoxy topping, producing a beach-style ‘weathered’ industrial concrete effect, extending to a section of the wall for added visual flair.

Seamless Brand Integration

The commercial fitout achieved perfect harmony with bespoke carpentry and signage, accentuated by a captivating tropical wall art mural. The skilled shopfitting team meticulously built a vibrant, practical space where patrons can savour their ‘clean’ bowls.

Crafting a Vibrant Oasis

Custom hardwood joinery, ingenious lighting, striking neon signage, and a neutral palette, complemented by bursts of vivid colours and wooden accents, were pivotal design elements. The result is an atmosphere that not only satisfies gastronomic cravings but also immerses visitors in a vibrant, uplifting oasis.


A Touch of Beauty, wellness & beauty Fit Out. Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

This Wellness fitout project reflects Total Fitouts Adealide Central’s commitment to delivering captivating and purposeful commercial workspaces.

Creating a Serene Oasis

The primary objective was to craft an environment that radiated beauty and tranquility. “A Touch of Beauty” is dedicated to promoting inner beauty through premium skin services and treatments, ensuring that clients leave feeling and looking their best.

Crafting a Harmonious Commercial Interior Design

The project encompassed the meticulous design and construction of a reception area, a welcoming waiting space, multiple spa and treatment rooms, amenities, and a small kitchenette. Total Fitouts Adelaide Central, in collaboration with designer Walter Brooke, meticulously executed the project in stages, allowing the tenant to continue trading.

Soothing and Inviting Ambience

The overarching design concept focused on infusing warmth and invitation through a minimal and natural colour palette with subtle pops of colour. The result is a soothing and relaxing environment, reflecting the essence of “A Touch of Beauty.”


Illuminate Aesthetics, wellness fitout. Completed by Heath Nicholson Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South.

Located in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast, this project beautifully illustrates Heath and the team’s expertise in delivering a transformative commercial wellness design and fit-out.

A Vision of Beauty and Tranquility

Illuminate Aesthetics is renowned for its high-quality cosmetic treatments for both men and women. The owners approached the Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South team with a clear vision – to create a modern Mediterranean-style beauty clinic with a tranquil atmosphere, soothing colours, and soft textures. This vision perfectly aligned with the clinic’s commitment to providing a welcoming and serene space for their clients.

A Tailored Fit-Out Approach

The commercial interior design and layout of the clinic were meticulously tailored to the exact needs of owners Steph and Chris. The reception area, in particular, was envisioned as the heart of the clinic, radiating warmth in a clinical setting and creating a lasting impression for clients.

Artful Shopfitting Elements

The commercial interior design team expertly incorporated custom frosted window decals to filter light, a calming colour palette, trendy arched carpentry, and raw finishes that added texture and absorbed sound. These elements combined to create a stunning ethereal space that embodies the essence of Illuminate Aesthetics.


Plaza Central Medical and Aesthetics, medical fitout. Completed by Mark Nashaty Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast North.

Redefining Commercial Medical Spaces

The vision was described as a commitment to creating a non-traditional medical center, a place where patients could walk in and immediately feel comfortable and at ease. The goal was to eliminate the sense of anxiety often associated with sterile medical centers.

A Collaborative Fitout Vision Realised

The client provided the commercial design concept, and Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast North worked closely with her to bring this vision to fruition. The result is a modern medical fitout located on the ground floor of a new development in Maroochydore’s reinvigorated CBD.

Transformative Multifunctional Commercial Fit Out Space

Plaza Central Medical & Aesthetics involved the conversion of two separate spaces into a single multifunctional area. This space now comprises an inviting reception and waiting room, multiple treatment rooms, and ample back-of-house facilities, including a kitchen and toilets.


Premium Pilates fitness shopfitout. Completed by Matt Banks Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner South.

This fitness fitout project showcases Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner South’s expertise in turning an empty commercial space into a luxurious Pilates studio.

Redefining Elegance

The primary objective was to create a high-end Pilates studio that exuded elegance and invited clients into a serene environment. The project introduced a palette of natural wood, sage, and white, culminating in an earthy and welcoming ambiance.

Innovative Commercial Fitout Transformations

The extensive scope of work included the installation of sliding partition doors, wooden flooring, ballet bars, wooden paneling, and a comprehensive lighting system. The team also sourced high-end reformer machines, elevating the studio’s offerings. A stylish reception area, complete with bespoke carpentry and merchandise displays, was thoughtfully incorporated to provide an inviting space for guests.

Elevated Amenities

The project seamlessly integrated separate amenities featuring elegant white and copper finishes. These elements were complemented by on-trend white tiles and terrazzo flooring, adding a touch of contemporary luxury.


Jacobs Creek winery, hospitality Fitout. Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

Under the leadership of Brett Kelly, the commercial fitout transformed an empty commercial tenancy into a modern and functional space that embodies the light and warmth of the brand and their impressive collection of wines and spirits.

Timeless Elegance

Jacobs Creek Winery encapsulates an environment filled with an abundance of natural light and a sense of warmth, carefully crafted to evoke a timeless aura. The commercial design stands as a tribute to luxury and elegance, achieved through a unique combination of light timbers and high ceilings. The spacious and open layout promotes an atmosphere of opulence that complements the winery’s heritage.

Harmonious Commercial Fitout Contrast

A striking feature of this design is the bold inclusion of strong black steel elements that artfully contrast with the light timbers. This choice adds an industrial edge to the design while preserving an air of refinement, resulting in an inviting and harmonious space.

Unparalleled Wine Display

At the heart of this project lies a wine display of unparalleled distinction. The black joinery seamlessly blends with its surroundings, creating a perfect stage for showcasing an impressive collection of wines and spirits. This masterful integration serves to accentuate the rich heritage and premium quality of the offerings.


McGrath Nora, Office Fitout. Completed by Greg Doherty Total Fitouts Illawarra.

Greg Doherty transformed an empty commercial tenancy into a modern and highly functional space that embodies McGrath Nowra‘s brand, their commitment to excellence and their stunning coastal location.

A Coastal Elegance Redefined

The project had a comprehensive scope, spanning various areas within the office space. This included a welcoming reception area, spacious staff offices, a dedicated meeting room, functional amenities, and a well-equipped kitchenette. The interior design concept embraced a neutral colour palette, harmonising white and beige tones in alignment with McGrath’s branding and coastal theme.

Collaboration and Seamless Fitout Execution

This project was a successful collaboration with external designers. Total Fitouts Illawarra undertook the fitout, ensuring that the design was seamlessly translated into an efficiently executed reality.

Captivating and Increasing Visibility

The office fitout’s front section features large custom signage, increasing the visibility of McGrath Nowra and captivating the attention of passersby. Floor-to-ceiling windows add an elegant touch to the front entrance. The inviting waiting area includes a neutral textured rug with two chairs and a small black coffee table, adhering to the coastal and functional fitout theme.


Vita Nuova, wellness & beauty fitout. Completed by Greg Doherty Total Fitouts Illawarra.

This transformative commercial fit out beautifully aligns with Vita Nuova’s vision of promoting well-being, beauty, and holistic health, resulting in a high-end and luxurious environment.

A Commercial Shopfit Haven Vision

The primary goal was to convert an empty commercial space into a haven of wellness and beauty that reflects Vita Nuova’s commitment to holistic health. The project incorporated a comprehensive scope of work, encompassing a reception area, waiting area, massage rooms, waxing room, waiting room, and a kitchenette, all meticulously designed to create a soothing and relaxing environment for clients.

Coastal Commercial Interior Design Elegance

The design, conceived by Kellie Quach from the Total Fitouts Surry Hills & Parramatta team, was skilfully implemented and executed by Greg and the Total Fitouts Illawarra team. This collaboration ensured a cohesive, high-end luxury wellness and beauty fitout that perfectly aligned with Vita Nuova’s vision.

Elevating Natural Beauty

The colour palette selected for this project is stunning, exuding a sense of natural beauty. Light beige tones create a warm and soothing backdrop, while subtle pops of colour, in harmony with the brand’s identity, infuse a vibrant touch.


Shingleback Winery, hospitality fitout. Completed by Brett Kelly Total Fitouts Adelaide Central.

Meticulous Scope for Commercial Hospitality Fitout

The fitout’s comprehensive scope embraced key areas such as the entrance, main dining area, service area, and outdoor deck. Each was thoughtfully designed to contribute to a warm and inviting ambience. The in-house design team at Total Fitouts Adelaide Central displayed their expertise, ensuring the design perfectly aligned with Shingleback’s vision.

Simplicity in Commercial Design, Profound in Impact

One of the most distinctive elements of Total Fitouts Adelaide Central’s approach was the skilful incorporation of elements from the existing farmstead shed. By seamlessly weaving the essence of this structure into the new space, they preserved the rustic charm and character of the original building, creating an atmosphere that instantly resonates with visitors. The use of colour and minimalistic design elements enhanced the overall aesthetic, resulting in a harmonious blend of modern functionality and the timeless appeal of the farmstead.

We are looking forward to finding out the results for our Interior Fitout Association Award 2023 submissions. Watch this space!