Commercial Defit

Moving, relocating or signing a new lease, we can defit your new space ready for you to move in, with minimal interruption, to get your new project off the ground quick-smart.


De-fit, make-good or strip-outs are an essential step in preparing your space for your project or returning an existing space back to its original state as a tenancy ends. A sound foundation is critical in making your fitout project a success, which is why offer commercial defit services. Our teams can strip out your new tenancy and set the stage for a smooth fitout.

Our expert local teams can lay floor coverings, repair ceilings and walls, manage any demolitions, construct stud walls, repair and install carpentry, electrics and plumbing, look after general property maintenance and help with any cleaning or rubbish removal.

A defit (or ‘strip out’) generally has two main purposes – either it’s at the end of a tenancy to return a space to its original state, or it’s as you move into a new space and get ready for your fitout. Whichever reason you need to defit, here’s some planning tips – with advice from Luther Total Fitouts Auckland Central – so it runs as smoothly as possible. What’s involved in a defit? Depending on the space, requirements and the future fitout plans, it can include: Laying floor coverings…

  • How long does a commercial defit take?

    Timings depend on the size of your property, its location and what required as per your lease contract. Typically, retail or commercial spaces take 2–5 days and offices take 1–2 weeks.

  • What’s Involved in a Commercial Defit?

    Depending on the space, requirements and the future fitout plans, it can include:

    1. Laying floor coverings or prepare floors for relaying
    2. Re-painting
    3. Repairing ceilings, walls and carpet
    4. Removing any instalments like signage, partitions, shelving or light fittings
    5. Managing any demolitions
    6. Cleaning and removing rubbish
    7. General property maintenance – fixing loose fixtures, repairs, electrics, plumbing, air conditioning service report
    8. Fire extinguishers service report and log book
  • How to Get Started With Your Defit

    The process is a little different, depending on why you’re de-fitting:

    Commercial defit for end of lease

    1. Review your ‘make good’ clause
      Review the clause in your tenancy agreement to see what’s required for the defit. There may be health and safety elements involved that seem complicated – don’t worry, our teams are well-versed in all of this.
    2. Book your defit
      Book a site consultation to get a quote, timeline estimate and find out what’s needed for your defit. From there, we’ll lock in your defit team.
    3. Plan
      If you need to move out by the end of the month and your defit is set to take a week – you’ll need to have your equipment out 2 weeks before you need to vacate.
    4. Pack up
      Pack up all your equipment and remove everything you’re taking with you – you want the space empty or as clear as possible.
    5. Leave it to us!
      Once the space is empty, let us do our thing – we’ll get it in shipshape.
  • De-fitting before you refit
    1. Map out your space
      Pull together some concepts of how you hope your space to look, and how it should feel. Think about colours, styles and themes you like.
    2. Consultation
      After you’ve mapped out your ideas and concepts, chat to our experts to see what can be done in your budget. Talk to them about timeframes, budgets and the general requirements of your business.
    3. Book your fitout team
      Lock in your fitout team so the project can officially start.
    4. Design your new space
      Work with the team to design your new space – including technical designs.
    5. Get your plans approved
      Your landlord will need to sign off and give approval before construction can begin. You may also need building approval if the work being done requires it.
    6. Defit
      Once approved – we’ll defit. We’ll make sure the space is set up for the new layout and complete whatever else you need so it’s an easy fitout ahead!

Need A Defit?

Contact your local team today to see how they can help you move, relocate or sign a new lease and get your new space project ready.