Whether you have an existing approved design that you’d like to build: ‘construct’ or would like our teams to help from concept to completion: ‘design and construct’, we can help you at any point in the build process.

Our teams are experienced, really experienced and with that comes creativity to navigate any challenges or obstacles that may arise and as our teams are locals, they understand local building regulations and obligations and can navigate the building approvals and certification process with ease.

They are trained to best-in-class standards in design, delivery and service, all with a passion for the construction industry and the most innovative building materials and techniques, delivering projects with an emphasis on safety, quality and professionalism.

Need A Fitout?

Contact your local team today to chat through your project. Our expert teams can guide you through the process and help bring your vision to life.

Should I Choose the Cheapest Quote for My Commercial Fit Out Project?

A low quotation is not the only thing you should consider when hiring a commercial fit out contractor. There might be a lot of things that might be missing in cheap quotes that will lead to additional costs later. So, ensure that the quotes are transparent enough and do not take any shortcuts that will cost you even more down the track.

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How Long Will My Commercial Fitout Project Take?

Since no two projects are the same, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Once we have more information on the size and the scale of your fit out project, we will quickly provide a timeline. If you have a certain deadline in mind, we can explore ways to accelerate the timeline. Links to possible blogs

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How Should I Choose a Commercial Fit Out Company?

When picking a commercial fit out company, consider the following –

  • Experience – The fit out company you pick should have extensive experience in the industry and a good track record. Check out some of the sites they have worked on. 
  • Creativity – A good fit out company will be able to take your ideas and advice and bring it to life with innovative designs. 
  • Accreditation – The company should be certified to carry out fit out services and have all the necessary licenses.
  • Health and Safety – Find out the measures that the company will take to ensure the safety of your employees when they are working on site. 
  • Insurance – A reliable company will have valid insurance and proper liability coverage to cover the cost of damage or injury to anyone during the fit out process.

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Can We Stay in Our Current Commercial Space During Our Commercial Fitout Project?

Yes you can with careful planning and consideration to the roll out and usability of the space. he project can take place in stages to ensure your business is able to run uninterruptedly,

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What Is the Process of a Commercial Fit Out Project?

Depending on the size and the complexity of your commercial fit out, the contractor is most likely to follow this process –

  • Initial concept design and costing – The contractor will create an initial concept based on the brief and a breakdown of the costs. A number of options along with associated costs are also provided. A timeline is set out for major milestones, and terms and conditions are clearly mentioned in the contract. 
  • Detailed design and approvals – Once the contract is signed, the contractor will seek all the necessary approvals to start the work. Without it, the work on your project cannot commence. The contractor will carry out detailed drawings and specifications for your project and submit them for approval.  
  • Construction – Once all the approval has arrived, the contractor will begin the construction on the site. If changes are made to the design, they need to be costed and approved has to be carried out. Regular meetings will ensure clear communication and a positive final result. 
  • Punch List – Once the construction work is completed, check if everything that was agreed on has been completed. If something is still pending, seek a timeline on when the work would be completed before moving in.
  • Handover and Aftercare – The day of handover is considered the practical completion, and it is the day when you can start using the space for your business. 

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How Much Will My Commercial Fit Out Project Cost?

Each commercial fit out is customized to meet the needs of clients and the space, so it is difficult to offer an exact cost. We are committed to helping you get the most out of your budget and provide numerous options to ensure you get the best value for your money. Get in touch with us, and we will provide a free estimate for your project.

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What Commercial Fit Out Services Are There?

Commercial fit out services are used for any commercial space that needs updating, renovating or defitting. Most common fitouts include:  , but they also represent a number of other businesses such as –

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Who Is Involved in a Fit Out?

Depending on the space and the size of the area, a fit out contractor, an engineer, and an architect may need to work together for the fit out project. The client and the designer will collaborate to determine the needs of the business, design preference, and the number of people to come up with the interior design and layout of the space. A fit out contractor is included at this stage as they offer valuable tips on technical and building elements that the designer may not take into consideration. A fit out contractor also ensures that your project complies with the local building codes.

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What Is a Fit Out Contractor?

A fit out contractor is an expert in interior constructions and renovation who is hired to carry out the interior construction work in the space after the approval of the landlord. Unlike a regular builder, a fit out contractor is only involved in the interior space and not in the structural component of the building.

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What Is a Commercial Fit Out?

The term ‘fit out’ is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for a particular type of commercial or residential occupation. A typical commercial fit out encompasses electrical, interior walls, plastering, lighting, decoration, mechanical installations, furnishings, and other changes made to the interiors of a space. A commercial fit out is completed once every improvement is completed and ready to be used.

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