Humans of Total Fitouts – Stuart Organ

Stuart Organ – Total Fitouts Cockburn – Managing Director


At the start of any business venture, you really need to be a jack of all trades. In the fitout game this sentiment is a true reflection of reality.

You need to have self-belief in the areas of sales, estimating and most importantly for your customers, project delivery. The Managing Director of Total Fitouts first Western Australian franchise Stuart Organ, is a man that has this in spades.

Stuart has spent over 20 years honing his craft in quoting and project managing commercial and residential projects across the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. He also has a list of qualifications that would make your average surgeon blush. Just ask him about it.

What we see as Stuarts greatest asset though, is not his ability to price and deliver the projects, but it is actually his purposeful willingness to promote the brand and his franchise to anyone and everyone he can. He is a natural born sales person and relationship builder.

Stuart provides our team with a great asset in is his willingness to get out there and introduce himself to anyone and everyone. In a masterful builder, that can be a rare asset.

Most builders generally want to let their craft speak for itself. But in this modern age of technology and advertising, it takes a certain calibre of person that can extend themselves to the art of relationship building. From first hand experience, we can personally vouch for Stuart in being this sort of operator.

He not only desires to engage with customers that come to him requiring a fitout, but he believes in the Total Fitouts brand that much that he feels confident in going out of his way to introduce the brand to anyone he can.

With the help of his wife Sharon, his children Chris, Stacey, Sam and Ella, and granddaughters Chloe and Lilly; we have full confidence that Stuart has a great support team alongside him to make this venture succeed. We at Total Fitouts are behind him one hundred percent.

When picturing the perfect person to take on the role of being the initial franchisee for our Western Australian venture, we couldn’t be more excited in finding a person like Stuart …. Even if he is an Englishman.