Celebrating Excellence: Total Fitouts Triumphs at the Interior Fitout Association Awards

We are thrilled to share that Total Fitouts has been recognised for our outstanding work in the Interior Fitout Association (IFA) Awards, winning in two prestigious categories. This acknowledgment highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional fit out projects that elevate spaces and exceed client expectations. Despite facing strong competition, Total Fitouts emerged victorious, winning the prestigious Retail Fitout Award. This recognition highlights our dedication and expertise in the commercial fitout industry.

Managing Director Jeremy Dyer said, “Winning these awards enhances our credibility within to competitive shopfitting industry, having a third-party endorsement, from the IFA Association validates our expertise and reliability, setting us apart from our competitors and highlighting our excellence and innovation. These prestigious awards significantly enhance our client trust and demonstrate confidence in the Total Fitouts brand.”

Jeremy Dyer Managing Director of Total Fitouts AU & NZ

Best Hospitality Interior Fitout Award Up to $250K

Winner: Total Fitouts Adelaide Central

Project: Jacobs Creek Winery

Herringbone dark timber flooring, black bespoke joinery and welcoming dining area for this hospitality fit out for Jacobs Creek

In the hospitality category, Total Fitouts Adelaide Central won the Best Hospitality Interior Fitout Award for projects up to $250,000 with their exceptional fitout for Jacobs Creek Winery. This project demonstrates our expertise in creating welcoming and sophisticated spaces that enhance the overall dining experience.

This commercial hospitality fit out successfully transformed an empty commercial space into a contemporary and functional environment that encapsulates the brand’s essence, characterised by light and warmth, and showcases their impressive collection of wines and spirits.

The Jacobs Creek commercial winery fitout creates an environment suffused with natural light and a comforting warmth, meticulously crafted to evoke a timeless ambience. The design pays homage to opulence and refinement, achieved through a unique combination of light timbers and soaring ceilings. The spacious, open layout fosters an atmosphere of luxury that harmoniously complements the winery’s rich heritage.

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Best Hospitality Interior Fitout Award Up to $250K winner Total Fitouts Adelaide Central with Jacobs Creek Winery

Best Retail Interior Fitout Award Up to $150K

Winner | Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North

Project | Molly and Bear

Bespoke merchandise displays, sage and pink colour palette and circular wall lights for this retail fit out for Molly and Bear

Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North has secured the Best Retail Interior Fitout Award for projects up to $150,000 with their remarkable work on the Molly and Bear commercial retail fitout. This project is a testament to our team’s ability to create inviting and functional retail spaces that captivate customers and enhance the shopping experience.

 Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North was tasked with creating a child-friendly and whimsical retail space for Molly and Bear, that would showcase the store’s range of infants and young children’s clothing, books, toys, and accessories in a stylish and organised manner.

To achieve the desired aesthetic, the local shop fitting team focused on creating a calming yet playful atmosphere, with a colour palette of sage and pink that captures the essence of childhood. The flow of customer traffic was carefully considered to ensure that visitors would be able to easily navigate the commercial retail fitout and view the products on display without feeling cluttered or overwhelmed.

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Best Retail Interior Fitout Award Up to $150K winners Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North with Molly and Bear

Showcasing Our Expertise

These awards are a reflection of the hard work, creativity, and dedication of our teams at Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner North and Total Fitouts Adelaide Central. We take immense pride in our ability to understand and meet the unique needs of our clients, delivering projects that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Winning in these categories underscores our position as leaders in the commercial fitout industry, and we are honoured to be recognised in the Interior Fitout Association Awards. Our success in the IFA Awards motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of commercial interior design and construction, ensuring that every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Explore Our Award-Winning Projects

We invite you to explore the transformative power of our commercial fitout expertise by taking a closer look at our award-winning projects. Visit our website to read about these outstanding projects and stunning visuals of the Molly and Bear and Jacobs Creek Winery fit outs.

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional commercial fitouts that elevate spaces and bring our clients’ visions to life. Thank you to the Interior Fitout Association for this recognition, and congratulations to our talented shopfit teams for their outstanding work.