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Can You Customise Your Commercial Fit Out?

Commercial fit out design is a creative and technical process that transforms a bare commercial space into a functional, attractive working environment. A well-designed commercial fit out can enhance productivity by meeting the unique needs of its occupants.

The Commercial Fit Out Process

Jason Horne, Director at Total Fitouts Bay of Plenty says, “This process starts with an idea or concept which then evolves through stages like planning, designing, and construction. At every stage of this journey, from inception to completion, elements such as raised floors for efficient cable management and other mechanical installations are considered. Things such as brand, functionality, aesthetics, and other factors unify to create your commercial space, whether you are a restaurant, an office, or a retail business.”

Besides these practicalities, creating finished rooms that cater to specific functions within the business – be it meeting spaces, private offices, treatment rooms, or reception areas – is another vital aspect. Signage also plays an important role in making sure your brand and signature style shines throughout your interiors.

Little Manila commercial hospitality fitout by Total Fitouts Bay of Plenty

Common Mistakes In Commercial Fit Outs

Luther Crowther, Director at Total Fitouts Auckland Central says, “Avoiding common pitfalls in commercial fit outs can save time and resources. Not giving due consideration to future growth, underestimating the importance of good lighting fixtures, and neglecting to research building codes and regulations, are a few common mistakes you should steer clear from when undertaking a commercial fit out project.”

Total Fitouts NZ’s Approach to Customised Commercial Design

With a wealth of experience, Total Fitouts New Zealand has carved out a unique approach in commercial interior design. They are experts at tailoring spaces that reflect your business needs and aesthetics.

Their secret? It’s their emphasis on customisation. Each project is approached as a blank canvas, ripe for the client’s vision. Your ideas get shaped into functional designs that breathe life into your workspace.

By working with Total Fitouts New Zealand, you’re not just getting an office renovation—you’re creating an environment where productivity thrives and employees feel inspired every day.

House of Travel commercial office fitout done by Total Fitouts Bay of Plenty

The Benefits Of Working With Total Fitouts New Zealand

Total Fiouts NZ understands how crucial it is to make sure each space resonates well with its intended use. But beyond this practicality, there’s also the element of style—a beautifully commercially designed interior can be motivating.

No matter what type of industry you belong to or size of operation—small scale businesses or large corporations—they’ve got you covered.

Creating Functional and Aesthetic Office Interiors

The main goal of a commercial fit out is to craft a functional, visually pleasing workspace that boosts productivity. We believe that both functionality and aesthetics are key in commercial fit out design.

A functional commercial space means it’s laid out for efficient workflows. It has the right mix of open areas for collaboration and private spaces for focused work. Total Fitouts New Zealand will also consider elements like lighting fixtures, sound, screening, and air conditioning systems because they affect comfort levels, which impact productivity.

Ray White commercial office fitout done by Total Fitouts Bay of Plenty

Luther continues, “Aesthetics aren’t just about looking good – they set the mood in your workspace. Through careful commercial interior design development, the choice of colours, textures, and materials that reflect your brand’s personality while creating an environment where people love to work.”

Working with Total Fitouts NZ lets you enhance both function and beauty in your workplace through thoughtful commercial fit out designs based on years of experience making offices shine. Read more from shopfit experts as we explore the fascinating world of neuroaesthetics and how it can be harnessed in commercial interior design to improve your health and overall experience.

Maximising Space Efficiency in Commercial Fit Outs

Allan Tribble, Director at Total Fitouts South Canterbury says, “A key element of commercial design is maximising space efficiency. It’s about making every inch count, but not just cramming stuff in.”

Optimal space utilisation is a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Kawakawa at Salt Cafe commercial hospitality fitout done by Total Fitouts Bay of Plenty

Designing for Optimal Space Utilisation

The right approach to maximise vertical space can transform your office into a productive powerhouse. But remember, it’s more than just installing towering shelves or double-decker desks. Read more on enhancing wellbeing and productivity through optimal space utilisation in spaces.

Raised access floors are another way to improve workspace efficiency. They let you hide cables and wires underneath while providing easy access when needed. Suspended ceilings and lighting are also choices that impact the use and enjoyment of the space. 

To truly master the art of efficient use of interior commercial spaces, one needs to understand the specific requirements and future growth prospects of the business that will occupy them.

Face Up commercial wellness and beauty fitout done by Total Fitouts Auckland Central

Transforming a Cold Shell into a Functional Space

The transformation of a cold shell into an engaging, practical workspace is more than just construction—it’s art. It involves making the commercial space ready for future growth and creating an inspiring working environment. Read on what a commercial fitout really is.

Allan continues, “A cold shell is essentially your canvas—a blank slate waiting to be transformed by expert hands. This structure cladding requires careful planning and commercial design development, with every detail accounted for—be it lighting fixtures or HVAC systems.

To make sure you get it right, Total Fitouts New Zealand steps in with its seasoned expertise. We see beyond the plain interior walls of the cold shell; we envision what could be—for example, a commercial office fit out tailored to suit your business needs perfectly.

Jason adds, “We start by understanding your unique requirements—the number of common areas needed, any specific internal finishes desired—and then bring this vision to life through meticulous commercial design, project management and execution. The result? A space that’s not only move-in ready but also beautifully resonates with your brand ethos.”

Paddington Store commercial retail fitout done by Total Fitouts Bay of Plenty

The Benefits of Commercial Design

There are many benefits of using Total Fitouts New Zealand for a commercial project. First and foremost, you will start from the drawing board with your brand. If you’ve recently rebranded the menu at your restaurant, as an example, you will need a functional space in the kitchen fit out that can prepare that menu. You will also need lighting, sound proofing, screening, seating and spaces that allow your customer to enjoy that experience. The benefits of a commercial fit out include:

  • Increasing the productivity of your staff with a more functional space.
  • Creating a space that allows your customers to get the best experience possible in that space.
  • Commercially designing an experience that allows customers to stay in your space longer, finding the things they need (such as if you are a retail store), and buying more things, making your business more money. 

Creating a remarkable commercial interior design isn’t magic, it’s meticulous planning and execution. It begins with understanding the purpose of your space, avoiding common pitfalls like poor lighting, acoustics or cramped layouts.

You’ve learned that customisation is key – whether it’s an office refurbishment or starting from scratch with a cold shell. Working with commercial design experts like Total Fitouts New Zealand can help you create functional spaces that inspire creativity and boost productivity. Learn more on the role of commercial interior designers in your next dream design to commercial fit out.

Aesthetics matter too; they contribute to making your working environment more pleasing for everyone. But remember: function should not be compromised for form.

Space efficiency plays its part as well in successful designs. Optimal utilisation of every inch – including vertical spaces – makes all the difference.

In conclusion, when armed with these insights, transforming any blank canvas into a vibrant workspace becomes achievable!