Interior Designers – Why Their Commercial Fit Out Expertise Actually Saves You Money

At Total Fitouts we are believers in the importance of the design process in any commercial fit out. Engaging our national team of local, in-house, commercial interior designers not only ensures a functional floor plan is created (carefully planned to meet the practical needs of your business), but their eye for style and knowledge of products and materials brings extra benefits to your commercial fit out project.

Matt Banks Director at Total Fitouts Brisbane Inner South says “The initial cost of the designer pays for itself many times over during the life of any concept to completion fit out project. Engaging the skills and expertise of a professional commercial interior design adds a plethora of benefits and cost saves throughout the process.”

“Our designers’ have the connections, product knowledge and industry expertise to help guide our clients during the whole fit out journey. Our in-house design teams deliver the end look and finish our clients want, within their agreed budget. Their design skills, supplier connections and product knowledge allow them to maximize their clients’ budget whilst delivering the stylish, yet practical, commercial fit out they dream of.”

“We find that clients who don’t engage our talented team of professional designers from the start often end up blowing their budget as they don’t have industry knowledge of products, materials and alternatives. Plus they struggle to understand which items can be substituted, to get the same look they want, without the price tag. The Total Fitouts network of shopfitters have access to national supplier agreements which means we have cost saving supply chain agreements in place, resulting in added value and cost savings to our clients.”

Green and neutral colour palette, custom timber panelling and welcoming dining area for this hospitality fit out for Flagship Tim Adams Coffee

Kate McLean, Senior Commercial Interior Designer at Total Fitouts Sunshine Coast South and Wide Bay says, “Clients visit our design studio with some idea of the final commercial space they want to create. They have a budget in mind and it’s usually tight. We believe that our internal team’s skills have many value-adds and advantages for the clients who utilize our designers from the start of their fitout journey. We are, after all, experts in the commercial design space. We not only understand building regulations, and the way commercial fitouts need to be designed (to meet the needs of the business), but we have supplier relationships in place giving us access to unique products. Our knowledge and relationships  result in cost savings for our client’s too.”

Neutral colour palette, custom tiling panelling throughout build and welcoming reception area for this wellness & beauty fit out for K & C Nails

“Plus we know heaps of details about the different products we recommend. For example, we know which types of flooring are the most practical, suitable and cost effective for each fit out space. For example, a Hospitality fitout and a Wellness & Beauty fitout have very different flooring requirements. We can recommend cost effective options for different commercial requirements, which means that we know how to achieve the look the client wants, no matter what their budget. If the budget is tight we can source out practical alternatives which look the same.”

Total Fitout Interior Designers also have experience of delivering commercial fit out projects inline with brand guidelines. Including existing relationships with suppliers of bespoke signage, special lighting and brand specific finishes. 

Bright hand-painted mural, custom timber panelling and welcoming dining area for this hospitality fit out for Oakberry

The initial costs associated with engaging our specialist commercial interior design team is small when you look at the value their industry expertise, product knowledge, supplier connections and design expertise add to any commercial fit out. 


Other value add ons that Interior Designers bring to our commercial fit out projects are the supply of 3D renders. Our teams use cutting edge technology and design software to bring their clients’ designs to life. After floor plans and functional designs are agreed, 3D render are supplied to clients so they can actually see what the finished space will look like. Click this Strong Pilates photo below to watch a video of a render fly-through created by the Total Fitouts Surry Hills and Parramatta team.

Pilates reformers, black and timber colour palette and welcoming reception area for this fitness fit out for Strong Pilates

Kellie Quach Commercial Interior Designer at Total Fitouts Surry Hills and Parramatta says “Our design and build clients love the 3D renders we supply as they not only allow them to get a real life perspective of how their end fit out will look, but they allow them to play around with materials, colors and finishes too. At Total Fitouts we also have the ability to show clients render fly-through videos which adds even further value. Clients can actually feel how the end space feels, as if they were walking through it, which is gold in terms of the actual function of the space and how it will flow in real life.”

“Clients who don’t utilize these services can miss out on these value-add benefits if they don’t engage us early on in the fit out process. Design flaws, poor flows and mismatched finishes are much more expensive to resolve once the fit out has been built. Imagine noticing something you don’t like or that doesn’t flow and function in the early design stage where you can rectify it at design stage at little or no cost. Compare this to noticing it after the build, which will undoubtedly result in expensive variations and additional time problems.”

Kellie “Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of these modern design services if they save you time, money, allow you to play with finish and help you get the end product you dream of.”

At Total Fitouts we believe that design is everything in any commercial fit out project. Getting it right on paper from early on in the project helps avoid expensive variations, delivers a superior design layout and saves money (and time too). 

Engaging our national teams of local designers adds value by: 

  • Supplying 3D renders to mitigate variations, improve design and help visualize end project  
  • Industry advice, experience, expertise and know how
  • Commercial design advice, opinions, ‘eye’ for style and trends
  • Knowledge of commercial products and materials
  • Industry regulations and approvals process experience 
  • Functional design outcomes in a project
  • Ensure design is practical, has enough space, storage, facilities for great customer experience
  • Know how of lighting, signage and brand
  • Connections and supplier agreements to deliver cost saves
  • Budget help, cost savings and substitute options