Total Fitouts’ Guide to Hiring the Right Shopfitter

When it comes to hiring trades, it’s not always easy to see a clear picture of the future…

On your initial meet with the shop fitter or contractor that is in the running to win your project, it’s frightfully easy to get duped and end up with a person you quickly become unhappy with part way through the job…

We believe there is such a thing a ‘client to shop fitter chemistry’ and it’s not always right! If you’re looking for a little assistance in choosing the right guys for the job, then read on!

Before You Meet Anyone

Begin to ‘nut out’ and write up a list of questions relative to your shop fit out, questions that you’d like the shopfitter to be able to answer – get as technical as you want and be finicky, it’s YOUR project and it’s likely costing you a lot! Anyone you work with should have the time and patience for you and space for your ideas. You want someone who will not to just complete a job, but totally WOW you with their service and knowledge too.

Initial Meet

On the first meet, if your trade shows up late or looking shabby, you can bet that’s the style they’ll be adapting for the duration of your project. While there is certainly a stigma around trades and their particular ‘coarseness’ for a reason, rest assured there’s plenty out there that dare to be different and present like pros – much like your local professional shop fitters at Total Fitouts!


Don’t be naive, some people can give a winning performance on first meet – but you really want to dig a little deeper, and you really want to be sure that this guy is not just in the ‘nice guys’ club, but also excellent at what he does! Don’t be shy; ask for references, and better yet – phone numbers! Find out what their latest projects have been and where possible, talk to the people on the other side – they will give you a truer tale of the shopfitters skill and service.

Second Meet

After you’ve narrowed the search down a little, and even if you think you’ve found ‘the one’, don’t start getting romantic over the idea of getting started on the job; make sure you do a second meet to gauge again, how comfortable you feel with the individuals ready to take on your shop fit. If possible, we’d recommend taking along a spouse or good friend this time to make sure your excitement isn’t overriding your good judgement! Ask a LOT of questions at this point – about potential obstacles they see, what will be additional costs and what will not, what are the assurances going ahead and try get a feel for their ‘creativity’ as well if that’s important in your fitout. Also inquire about how they work with outside trades, should you want to sub out parts of your fit out. At the end of this meet, you want to be seeing transparency and feeling clarity.

When You’ve Found ‘The One’

In the words of Beyonce´- “If you liked it then you should’a put a ring on it.”

Remember, if you’re feeling great and your shopfitter has ticked all your boxes, don’t wait too long! Shopfitters can get very busy very quickly and windows can close, so if they’re your one true shopfitter, act swiftly and get to business!

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