Easy Ways To Make Your Retail Store Welcoming

Steps for Creating a Welcoming Retail Store

We’ve all experienced the kind of retail spaces that seem to coax us inside, whether it’s the warmly-lit bookstore offering respite in a bustling shopping centre, or a luxurious handbag shop in the city. Perhaps you weren’t in the market for a new book, but before you know it, you’re smiling and are handed a paper bag with a couple of exciting new reads inside. But what makes for a welcoming retail store? In this blog we speak to Director Luther of Total Fitouts Auckland Central about some aspects that make for a welcoming retail store, and the benefits that go with it.

Layout is key

“You can think of a store like you would a website,” Luther says. Online, you don’t want to be bombarded with a hundred popups as soon as you access a website, nor do you want to feel crowded as soon as you enter a shop. Give people the space to breathe and get their bearings as they first enter and they’ll feel more comfortable. This is called the “decompression zone,” and is key to any welcoming retail store. It’s also important to have good flow so that people can get to where they want to be and get what they are looking for. Great layout can do this, and the experts at Total Fitouts specialise in great design. See how we can help you design your dream retail space here!


Red makes people hungry, and green makes us calmer – so use what we know about the mood-altering effect of colours when designing your space to put people in the right mood. But beware, too much colour can be overwhelming, especially in small spaces.

Light the way

Similarly, warm lights and instrumental music can make us calm and comforted, which can be ideal for bookshops and cozy restaurants. Bright neon lights, polished concrete, and poppy tunes on the other hand make us feel more alert, and can make a teenager feel more at home in a clothing store. Luxurious downlights accentuating your products can give a store a high-end atmosphere.

Use social media to your advantage

Savvy stores are increasingly leveraging the power of social media, and even savvier ones are making their interior design do it for them. Today you can get people to promote your business for free by incorporating a share-worthy feature. If you’re a clothing store, consider dedicating an area of your retail space to a feature wall for clients to take photos and share them to their socials.

For a bar or restaurant, consider a bold-coloured wall featuring a white neon sign with a cool, on-brand message. Let your customers be comfortable enough to want to promote you!

Happy employees equal happy customers

A welcoming retail space is as important for staff as it is for your customers. Why? Your staff is the main interaction with your clients, so when your staff feel comfortable and at ease in your store, chances are your customers will, too. Make your staff proud of where they work, and you’ll likely see a boost in sales!

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