Demystifying Fit Out Jargon: What Do ‘Fit Out’ and ‘Fitout’ Really Mean?

The world of commercial spaces and interiors can be a labyrinth of jargon, with terms like “fit out” and “fitout” often used interchangeably, leaving many scratching their heads. Whether you’re planning a shop fitout, a commercial fitout, or an interior fitout, it’s crucial to understand these terms and the various related concepts. Let’s dive into the world of fitouts and unravel the specialised language.

Pilates reformers, hardwood floors and welcoming reception area for this fitness fit out for Hello Pilates

What Is a ‘Fit Out’ or ‘Fitout’?

Fit Out: A “fit out” or “fitout” refers to the process of customising the interior of a commercial space to meet specific functional, aesthetic, and brand-related requirements. This includes designing, furnishing, and equipping the interior of a building or space for its intended use. Fit outs can range from a simple makeover or renovation to a full-scale remodel of the interior space.

VJ panel walls, pendant lighting and welcoming reception area for this office fit out for McGrath

Types of Fitouts

Shop Fitout: This is a specialised form of fit out focused on retail spaces. Shop fitouts are designed to create an inviting and functional environment for customers while showcasing products effectively. Lighting, shelving, and layout play crucial roles in shop fitouts.

Deep green colour palette, square tile feature wall and bespoke merchandise displays for this retail fit out for Perfect Potion

Commercial Fitout: Commercial fitouts encompass a wide range of non-residential spaces, including offices, restaurants, medical facilities, and more. These fitouts are tailored to the specific needs of the business, incorporating elements like office cubicles, kitchen facilities, reception areas, and meeting rooms.

Large colourful art mural wall, hanging pendant rattan lights and custom LED signage for this hospitality fit out for Thai in a Box

Construction Fitout: In construction fitouts, the commercial interior of a building is customised according to the design and functional requirements. This term is often used when the building itself is under construction or undergoing significant renovation.

Pink and sage colour palette, hardwood floors and bespoke merchandise displays for this retail fit out for Molly and Bear

Interior Fitout: An interior fitout focuses solely on the interior space of a building or establishment. It includes aspects such as flooring, wall finishes, ceilings, lighting, and furniture. Commercial interior fitouts are essential for creating a cohesive and attractive environment.

Terms Relating to Construction Fitouts

When embarking on construction or interior design projects, understanding the terminology associated with different aspects of space transformation is crucial.

Articulating Commercial Fitout Project Goals

This knowledge not only facilitates effective communication among stakeholders but also helps in articulating project goals and expectations clearly. In the realm of construction fitouts, several key terms are commonly used to describe various levels of transformation within interior spaces.

Custom LED signage, concrete flooring and timber features including wall VJ panelling for this hospitality fit out for Lulus Cafe

Fitout: As mentioned earlier, a fitout involves customising and furnishing a commercial interior space to align with its intended purpose. It may not always require significant structural changes and can be purely cosmetic in some cases.

Makeover: A makeover typically involves enhancing the visual appeal of a shopfit space without major structural changes. It’s often associated with updating aesthetics, such as paint, decor, and fixtures.

Renovation: Renovation goes beyond a makeover and involves more substantial changes to the interior, which might include repairing or replacing elements like flooring, walls, or plumbing systems. Renovations can be minor or extensive, depending on the scope of work.

Remodel: A remodel is the most extensive of these terms, involving significant structural alterations to the interior space. This may include moving walls, changing layouts, and even expanding or reducing the overall square footage.

Key Takeaways

Understanding the distinctions between fitouts, makeovers, renovations, and remodels is essential when embarking on any interior project. Whether you’re planning a commercial fitout, a shop fitout, or any other form of commercial interior customisation, the terminology you use can significantly impact the scope, budget, and outcome of your project.

Pilates reformers, hardwood floors and welcoming reception area for this fitness fit out for Hello Pilates

“Fit out” and “fitout” refer to the comprehensive process of tailoring the interior of a commercial space to meet specific requirements. These terms are umbrella concepts that encompass various specialised forms of commercial interior customisation. When you have a clear understanding of these terms, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the world of commercial interiors and achieve the desired results for your project. So, the next time you embark on a commercial fit out, remember that it’s more than just a makeover; it’s a carefully planned and executed transformation of your space. Looking for a fitout or anything in between? Inquire with us today.