Commercial Designer Spotlight: Creating Inspiring Spaces with Amethyst

Designing captivating and functional commercial spaces is an art form that requires creativity, vision, and a deep understanding of the client’s needs. In this commercial designer spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing talented commercial fitout designer, Amethyst Hudson. Let’s delve into her journey, her favourite industries to design for, her design process, and much more!

Amethyst, despite being at the beginning of her career, is quickly immersing herself in the commercial design industry. She was shortlisted for the Design Institute of Australia and Interior Architecture Graduate of the Year (GOTYA) during her graduating year at University. The program is for emerging designers, created to support and celebrate exceptional Australian designers as they embark on their careers. Amethyst secured herself a place with the Total Fitouts Adelaide Central team in 2020, designing for the expert shopfitting team for over 3 years. 

Commercial hospitality fitout design created by Amethyst Total Fitouts Adelaide Central

Right from the start, Amethyst engaged herself in design and the team. Fast-tracking her knowledge by taking on her own clients and jobs solely, she has been able to showcase her unique design aesthetic. Winning Total Fitouts Best Design in 2021 & 2022, Amethyst continues to enhance her skills, achieving remarkable feedback from her clients. She continues to push the limits of design while creating innovative and inspiring spaces.

TFO: How did you get into design?

A: I have been interested in creating and designing. Whether that was building a cardboard cubby house with my sister in the backyard or building my dream home on the Sims, it has always been a passion of mine.

TFO: What made you gravitate towards commercial vs other construction industry work?

A: I’ve worked in both commercial and residential design. Commercial design is definitely my favoured. I am someone who loves variety and residential design can become a little repetitive, especially if you’re working for a project home builder. In commercial design, the scope is so wide and there is always a new and exciting project to work on.

TFO: What are your favourite industries to design for?

A: Hospitality is my favourite industry to design. I think hospitality gives you the most scope to be creative and really show your design style.

Commercial hospitality fitout design created by Amethyst Total Fitouts Adelaide Central

TFO: What is your design process and does it change depending on the project?

A: Initially I meet with the client to gauge their expectations of the design. I will then move on to spatial planning and circulation of the space. Once this has been finalised, I will start design development, using material as the forefront of my design process. I usually start with one material and build my colours and textures around that. We then render the project and create photo-realistic images of the space to present to the client. This helps exponentially in creating a realistic idea of what the space will look like and how it will feel. 

TFO: Tips for collaborating with clients to create the best space?

A: I think finding out how the client intends to use the space is a big part of creating an environment that will feel comfortable for them to work in. I then like to build on that and find out their interests, design style, colour palette etc. The more information I can find out about the client, the better I can suit the design to them.

Commercial fitout design created by Amethyst Total Fitouts Adelaide Central

TFO: What is your favourite thing about commercial design?

A: The best feeling is walking into a space that you have designed on a screen and experiencing it in real life. 

TFO: What advice would you give someone looking to get into interior design?

A: The Architecture and Interior Architecture degrees can be pretty rough on your social life. I’d definitely recommend looking at considering if you are more interested in residential design to look at studying at TAFE, as they focus on residential. University degrees (well in my case UNISA) are 90% commercial design-based learning. 

TFO: What are your upcoming trend predictions?

A: We are seeing a lot of stainless steel materials and mixed metals coming through. We went through a brass phase, which is still beautiful but I think the influences of mid-century modern will play a large role in bringing stainless steel back!

Commercial hospitality fitout design created by Amethyst Total Fitouts Adelaide Central

Quick Fire Questions

TFO: Working digital or hand drawing?

A: Digital 

TFO: Favourite project?

A: Trident House (Waymouth Street Wine Bar)

TFO: Best & worst interior design trend?

A: The best would be arches, the worst is wallpaper.

TFO: What’s coming up (that you can tell us)?

A: Currently I am designing a Brewery in one of Adelaide’s oldest pubs, built in 1837, which was South Australia’s oldest continuously licensed hotel!

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