7 Inspiring Fitness Studio Fitout Ideas

Looking for great gym interior design ideas or pilates studio design ideas? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite gym design elements to bring you 7 inspiring fitness studio fitout ideas. 

1. Community areas

It’s a well-known fact that people don’t just come to the gym to work out – good fitness studio design makes way for socialisation, connection and community. A strong sense of community is what will get your customers to sign up, and stick with you.

It’s easy to see that some gym designs have a much stronger community spirit than others, but it’s not just by chance, Ian Leppard Total Fitouts Auckland South explains.

“The community aspect gets overlooked by big format gyms. Big gyms charge $11 a week and that gets people a nice hairdryer. Whereas if you go to a studio, they can charge anywhere from $50 a week to sometimes $500 a week, because it’s about the community they’ve created. And for those executive-only fitness studios – it’s all about being part of the gym for networking.”

Pete explains just how much a good gym fitout or pilates studio design can do more than just support your business and create more cash flow .

Ultimately, develop a community and you’ll have happy members that are happy to pay more. That’s more a business model than a fitout thing but a fitout can support that.

A community area doesn’t always have to come in the form of a gym coffee shop or smoothie bar, it can be made simple and to work within any budget. 

 “For example, the first thing you do at a pilates studio is you go to the pigeon holes, you sit at the bench, you take your shoes off, put your things away – during this time there’s a really good community piece because everyone’s catching up before class and after class. So placing, say, a rendered feature wall here with hanging plants and your brand popping with lights makes a great ‘photo wall’ – and it’s free marketing for you.”

2. Brand your studio with custom LED lettering and strip lights

A ‘brand’ is not merely a logo –  it’s an entire ‘Corporate Image’ that is painstakingly developed by you, for the purpose of launching your products and services into the marketplace. Brand encapsulates everything from how you use colour in your studio to the culture of your staff. 

LED lettering or neon lights are a great opportunity to express your brand beyond simply displaying your logo. Use lights and lettering to carry the essence and sentiment of your brand and attract like-minded customers. Neon lighting and lettering done well can also give the added benefit of making your fitness studio “gramable” (instagram-able). This is a great marketing tool – it’s set and forget and cost effective.

For some fitness studios of course, it will be less about the “inspo words” and more about creating shapes or even subtly incorporating elements of your logo throughout to make your brand more recognised.

Pilates reformers, hardwood floors and welcoming reception area for this fitness fit out for FS8
FS8 pilates studio by Total Fitouts

3. Potted house plants and wall plants

Who said a fitness studio fitout can’t feel like being at home? Grab the house plants and let the sunlight in to lift the energy in your yoga, pilates or stretch rooms. We all know the impact the natural world has on human beings, it’s a beautiful way to let the psyche relax and begin to unwind.

In fact, the proven benefits of houseplants are numerous. Here’s some of the most valuable ways houseplants in your fitness studio can benefit customers: 

  • Improve mood
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Improve performance and focus
  • Boost healing and pain tolerance 

Apart from being good for us and promoting a healthy mind and body – houseplants are everyone’s favourite artworks and many varieties are easy to maintain.

White-tiled wall features, natural colour palette and timber bespoke furniture for this wellness & fitness fit out for Endota Wellness College
Endota wellness college by Total Fitouts

4. Exposed ceilings or beams 

If you’re lucky enough to have interesting and usable exposed ceilings or beams in your commercial space – show them off! Fitness studios are often places either jam-packed with visual interest or, if you’re working on a yoga or pilates studio design, a simple, natural elegance. You’ve probably heard some people say they prefer to work out outside – visuals and sunlight is why. So it’s important to bring engaging visuals and light in and offer customers an enticing workout experience.

Exposed ceilings with pipes and services can add great dynamics to a fitness or boxing gym design and can really work towards your overall brand aesthetic. If there seems to be a bit too much going on, exposed ceilings/ services can be painted to blend in with the rest of your fitness studio fitout. 

Wooden beams are an absolute win for any yoga or pilates studio design. They add a hominess and insert warm natural tones and textures to your fitness studio fitout. If your fitness studio or pilates studio brand is more geared towards strength and power than relaxation and mindfulness, exposed ceilings can work really well.

Pilates reformers, concrete floors and welcoming reception area for this fitness fit out for KX Pilates
KX Pilates by Total Fitouts

5. Textures, shapes and colour

Good use of textures, shapes and lines in  your fitness studio design makes the space dynamic and engaging. Mirrors are a popular way to open up a space and make it feel bigger. Here’s some other options for creating interesting dynamics in your space: 

  • Circular mirrors with backlights
  • Exposed brick
  • Shaped or textured drop ceilings
  • Neon lettering or lighting

6. Grassy flooring/ agility turf for dedicated group workout area

We’re used to seeing a single strip of fake lawn in some fitness studio fitouts, but have you thought about creating an entire area for group workouts and shining some natural-feel light on it? Including an artificial “outdoor space” is a good way to get your customers energised and smiling. Getting the light right and feeling natural in your gym or fitness studio is something our shopfitters can certainly assist with.

Lighting is a sweet science – with the right electrical engineering, you can make it feel as though there is natural light.” – Ian Leppard, Total Fitouts Auckland South

Agility turf, high-quality gym equipment and ample lighting for this fitness fit out

7. Roman-inspired salt bathing pool 

While most day-to-day fitness studios won’t be installing this number, we couldn’t resist – this roman bath is truly inspiring. This gorgeously designed salt bathing pool is a part of the new WeWork gym in New York. An absolutely pristine design complete with wall plants and beautiful soft lighting tones, this bathing area creates a truly immersive experience for patrons of this fitness studio.

Salt bathing pool and amenities, high-quality gym equipment and ample lighting for this fitness fit out
WeWork gym, New York

WeWork gym, New York

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