Moving Out of Home: A Guide to Choosing Your First Workspace

It’s an important milestone for any business: the day you’re ready for your first official work space. Kudos to you!

We know that along with this pivotal moment also comes a big decision – choosing your first official workspace. Your business is unique so your needs will be too, but here’s what to consider when finding your first workspace.


Firstly, why are you moving out of your home office to a new workspace?

Whether it’s because you’re opening your first brick and mortar store, you can’t fit all your products at home, you’re expanding your team or opening your first gym – the reason why you need the workspace needs to be the first problem you address.

Along with that, the first considerations should be:

  • Primary functionality requirements – if you manufacture or assemble products on site, need plumbing for the basins in your hair studio, etc
  • Room requirements – meeting rooms for clients, private offices etc
  • Building must-haves – such as disability access for a team member with disability
  • Size and square footage needs – how big a space do you need for your business


As with all real estate, it’s location, location, location.

Mark Total Fitouts Christchurch recommends “thinking about which area and which specific location will help your business succeed.” Ask yourself: Do you need to be on the main road, near shops, or in a certain suburb to reach your customers? Have you identified an opportunity in a certain area?

Pick the right location, and you set yourself up for success.


Consider all the operations of your business when searching for a workspace. Often the smaller tasks are overlooked – like daily post office access – but can make all the difference in creating a workspace that, well, works!

Consider your:

  • Delivery and postal needs – if you need regular post office access, ensure you’re near one
  • Communication and connectivity requirements – if high-speed internet connection is crucial, choose a locale that has access (you can always ask neighbours)
  • Equipment and storage requirements – whether that be for stock, products, or the appliances and tools your team use
  • Furniture needs – all the standard items, but also the specialty furniture you require

People Needs

Whether you’re a customer facing business or a team head office, there’s a good chance you’ll have people in your space.

With people come certain needs:

  • Toilets (very important!)
  • Team and staff amenities – such as lockers, a kitchen, water, breakout areas, staff room, etc
  • Easy access – accessible by public transport and/or access to parking
  • Safety requirements – OHS requirements, and ensuring your space is safe and secure

Factor in your ‘people needs’ when deciding which space is going to be right for you.


If you’ve been working out of your garage, your overheads have likely been on the lower end of the scale.

Mark Bowden-Smith also advises to “Consider what you realistically afford a month and prioritise what you need to be successful in the space – not just what you want.”

Remember: it’s about finding a space and turning it into a workspace that’s going to help your business continue to grow. Don’t forget to plan for the future!

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