Total Fitouts Canterbury + The Pedal Pusher

Blair & Grant Oughton,

Total Fitouts – Canterbury

Last Year one of Total Fitouts’ power duos, brothers Blair and Grant Oughton were contracted by local business owners in Christchurch to create a work of creative genius in the hospitality industry. With a wealth of experience behind them the brothers put all their vices into producing a wonderful space ready to be buzzing with business.  

“The Pedal Pusher is a restaurant/ bar/café. It was a big project – they’ve got one initial bar already in town, and this one was probably about twice the size.” – Blair

With a tight time frame and around the fairly particular tastes of the owner, the Oughton brothers were able to work around obstacles and collaboratively bring into being a restaurant that was everything the owners wanted. With total efficiency and finesse the two completed the rather sizeable and detailed project in just eight weeks.

“Continuing the theme from the original bar was their main objective. It’s called The Pedal Pusher so it’s all themed around cycling, Tour de France – a real bicycle theme. And like with all fitouts it’s all about budget and time frame.”

Having owned a home building business previous to bringing their talents across to the fitouts industry; Grant and Blair certainly know their way around complications. With an unquestionable aptitude for anticipating potential obstacles, these two make comparatively ‘easy work’ of any fitout. Although, not totally without its complications, Blair explained –

“One [challenge] was definitely supply issues. A lot of the things the owners wanted were pretty specific and getting them shipped here from Australia on time with such short notice was definitely a mission.”

A mission valiantly taken on by the duo, they’ve worked wonders in this space, creating a very established ‘feel’, regardless of the restaurant’s new presence in the area. Built with all the best aesthetics and quality craftsmanship, this is certainly one of the bigger and more standout fitouts the two have completed. Working in close collaboration with the owners all details necessary for the space were accounted for making this, a wonderfully unique build.

“They [the owners] wanted to deal with a fair bit of it themselves. Obviously they’ve got the previous business and he’s pretty involved in the hospitality industry – so he organised the setting up of the kitchen. Which was good because I kept us in close contact through the process.“

Grant and Blair ultimately attribute their effectiveness as a team to knowing each other completely, and of course, a very real ‘older brother / younger brother’ dynamic.

“I’m the younger brother so I do what I’m told [laughs]”, Grant explains. “… But really, we do both understand each other well I’d say; we both feed of each other and equally, can take criticism from one another too.”

Together, Blair and Grant are quite a suit in business. Each with their own unique disposition; they do certainly share the same life-loving attitude that seems to go a long way for them in business. When summing up The Pedal Pusher project Blair notes –

“Everything went pretty smooth considering. We had a strict budget and a strict timeline and we finished on time and on budget. The owners were pretty impressed with that – it doesn’t happen very often these days.” 

If you’re looking for a pair of incredibly skilled shopfitters with the creativity to tackle even the most unique job, talk to Blair & Grant Oughton at the Canterbury office –

P. 021 903 022